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Target groups

Teenagers and young adults

We offer projects for professional orientation and preparation for vocational training especially for teenagers and young adults. In individual coaching, such as "Application Management for Young People" or group offers such as "Training 2019", we check the individual skills of the participants, identify target professions and provide support throughout the application process.

Job seekers

We support jobseekers who have questions about the implementation of their applications with our projects such as the "Applicant Center", "UVgA" or "LAV". Here, experienced coaches explain the formal and content-related aspects of application documents, prepare the participants individually for job interviews and support them in a cross-industry re-entry into working life.

Women and (young) mothers

The (re) entry of women and (young) mothers after the end of parental leave or caring for relatives is often not easy - it has taken too long to complete vocational training or professional experience. In our projects such as "FrATz", the "Advisory Pool for Women" or "Strong at Work", we not only support the participants in becoming aware of their qualifications, but also in having the courage to look after the children or relatives for to give the working time into stranger hands.

Long-term unemployed

For women and men receiving SGB II benefits, we offer the "Job Active Centers Plus", the "Intensive Coaching" or the "Applicant Center", on the one hand, to help organize everyday life and, on the other, to provide social and personal opportunities To train competencies for the re-entry into working life. Participants learn to realistically assess their professional opportunities and to send targeted applications.

People with a migration or refugee background

Entry into the German labor market is often particularly difficult for people with a migration or refugee background, as not only language problems, but also technical problems (for example, in the form of unrecognized vocational training from abroad) arise. In our projects such as "Activation & Integration PLUS", "PerF" or "Skills4Future", the participants have the opportunity to train their language skills, to find out about professional opportunities in Germany and - accompanied by our coaches - to start the application process. "Training on the job" also offers the possibility of professional qualification.

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