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German as a target language

Sprachen lernen
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Integration language courses

As an approved course provider of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), we offer integration courses with and without literacy for migrants living in Germany. In the language course, participants learn the German language up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. The accompanying orientation course provides knowledge of the legal system, history and culture of Germany as well as which values are particularly important in Germany. The language course concludes with the “German test for immigrants”, the orientation course with the “Living in Germany” test. Participants who successfully pass both tests receive the “Integration Course Certificate”.

Job-related language courses

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In order to give migrants realistic opportunities for social participation and permanent integration - also in the labor market - we are increasingly offering job-related language courses in accordance with the regulation on job-related German language promotion (DeuFöV). In basic and special modules, participants are ideally linguistically prepared for starting a career in Germany.

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In-service language training

Good language skills are indispensable in everyday communication at work. With our part-time language training, we offer the opportunity to prepare in a practical and targeted manner for the most common situations in everyday professional life. Language training can be held either directly in the company or at one of our locations on request.


Here you will find information about our current language courses as well as the planned courses .

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