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Work-life balance

The compatibility of family and work has always been an important component in advising and promoting our customers . The focus is on those responsible for upbringing who want to reconcile family and work.

In the meantime, however, it is part of the life planning of most customers - be it with children or family members to be cared for - to combine work and family well.

From flexible working time models to childcare options and financial support, we work with the companies in the region and relevant regional institutions on individual solutions and thus support the (re) entry into working life.

The regional companies gain qualified and motivated employees through family-friendly working conditions and can retain them in the long term.

The FAIR practical guide for work and family provides an overview of tried and tested instruments for reconciliation and regional company contact persons for companies and employees : How companies and employees win . The current version of the brochures mentioned in the guide can be obtained from the publisher using the keyword search function.

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