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We are a regional educational institution that offers a wide range of services for job seekers, employees, companies and public administration institutions in the areas of vocational training, advice and job placement.

Our customers should be successful in their professional development and experience learning as a permanent process that enriches their lives.

Our way of working is characterized by a holistic view of man. The focus of our actions is on respect for people's personality.

Our strengths lie in our regional knowledge, individual and flexible offers. On the basis of a continuous labor market analysis and through our intensive employer contacts, we recognize trends on the labor market at an early stage.

Our quality is characterized by clear and binding action plans. We are self-critical and open to criticism from outside. We learn from mistakes - this will ensure our continuous quality improvement.

Our self-image is determined by the principle of equal opportunities. We promote equality between women and men in all areas of society, the social integration of people of foreign origin while preserving cultural and religious differences and diversity, and taking into account the individual biographical and cultural learning requirements and skills of our customers.

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